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The Book

Who is Jesus? And why does the church He started matter today? The answers to these questions are practical, profound, and liberating—and also inextricably connected. The closer you get to Jesus, the more you love people; and the more you love people, the more you become like Jesus. Drawing on biblical teaching and over forty-five years of ministry experience, Pastor Mel Mullen brings clear, practical understanding to Jesus’ message and the community of Jesus-followers we call the church.

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The small group Series

Small groups are the life of any church. With this series we walk through the five sections of the book and hear stories of lives changed by Jesus and His Church. With the 5 videos and study guide, this series is sure to create a dynamic discussion and growth experience for everyone involved.


The preaching series

This series of messages will give people a full understanding of who Jesus is and what the Church is. It will help you establish people as disciples of Christ in their values, culture and help move your church forward to bring change not just to your Church but to your world!

Take this message series and use it to bring your Church to a greater understanding and experience of Jesus and His Church.





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"This book is filled with real stories and truths that will reshape your understanding about who Jesus is and what a local church can be."

TOMMY BARNETT | Founder and Co-Pastor, Dream Centre Los Angeles & Pheonix


"You can't love Jesus without loving His bride. That is why I'm so excited about this book: about the stories of lives changed and the truth of God's vision and heart for the church within its pages."

JOE CHAMPION | Lead Pastor, Celebration Church


"With reassuring scholarliness and the valuable wisdom of years, Mel Mullen skillfully unwraps the mystery of the relationship between Christ and His Church -- its foundations, values, beliefs, culture, and leadership."

BRIAN HOUSTON | Global Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church